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TCWIB WIA Strategic Plan 2013-2017

Tri County Workforce Local Area Plan

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The Tri County Workforce Investment Board 5 year strategic plan was developed for the three counties of Hancock, Penobscot, and Piscataquis.

This Local Plan addresses employment and training services funded by the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 and delivered primarily through Eastern Maine Development Corporation. WIA provides the framework for an improved workforce preparation and employment system designed to meet the needs of the nation’s businesses, adults, and youth.

This document was published in response to the State of Maine's Workforce Investment Act guidelines. It was submitted to MDOL on March 27, 2014.


Executive Summary


TCWIB Strategic Plan



A. Workforce Development Acronyms

B. TCWIB Strategic Planning Committees Chart

C. Educational Forums

D. TCWIB Program Policy Manual (OJT, Support Services, Priority of Service)

E. TCWIB 40% Required Training Fund Policy

F. Youth in need of Additional Assistance Policy


H. MOU- EPIC Maine

I. Common Measures Negotiated Performance Goals (MDOL letter)

J. One-Stop Partner Agreement 2014

K. NMDC Procurement Policy 2014

L. TCWIB Plan Announcement

M. TCWIB Plan Assurances

N. Strategic Plan Process Documentation (agendas, minutes, charts, working templates, etc.)

O. Glossary

P. Table 8: TCWIB Strategies to Align with Governor’s Priorities

Q. TCWIB Monitoring Manual

R. Report on business questionnaire responses (I.B.3)

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