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Strategic Goals set forth by the Tri County Workforce Investment Board include:

Goal #1: Demand-Driven Training Solutions –TCWIB will convene regular discussions with education/ training providers, including secondary and post-secondary institutions. We’ll create a searchable database or asset map of all training programs and courses, indexed to the various occupational demands within the region. TCWIB will survey businesses in high growth industry sectors to glean feedback on changing skill and certification requirements. TCWIB will promote and expand its customized training role in support of expanding businesses and economic development plans. TCWIB will continue to promote WorkReadyTM programs.

Goal #2: Address Workforce Demographic Challenges – TCWIB will increase employer partnerships to support employer needs due to changing workforce demographics, including services to address the aging workforce, shrinking youth populations and long-term unemployed workers. Activities will include increasing awareness about the benefits.

Goal #3: Alignment of Workforce and Economic Development – TCWIB will continue as an active partner with key groups such as Mobilize Eastern Maine (MEM), the chambers of commerce in Local Area 2, professional clubs and business associations. TCWIB will work closely with EMDC, MEM and the Piscataquis County Economic Development Council to strengthen relationships and coordinate regional initiatives, events and activities.

Goal #4: Improvement of Workforce System Outcomes – TCWIB will update MOUs among all workforce development programs and promote cross-training opportunities between partners to ensure best practices and highest quality of services are maintained in the region.